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A few minutes from the port of Palma de Mallorca and navigating in any direction, you can visit stunning coves and beaches with crystal clear waters and fine white sand

The bay of Palma de Mallorca is considered one of the best places in the world to go sailing. It has a very characteristic local wind, the “Embat”, which allows us to sail throughout the year. Within walking distance of the harbor we can find true natural paradises that will surprise you with its beauty.

Depending on the wind direction and the duration of the chosen tour, we will visit wonderful places in the west of the Bay of Palma as Illetas with its beautiful beach and the islands that give it its name. It is the preferred Palma’s sailors found a great place in that nice place to anchor a few minutes sailing from Palma.

Nearby, we find the beautiful Costa d’en Blanes, with a small, exclusive beach, just where is located the famous port of Punta Portals, which are moored some of the larger boats, luxurious and impressive recreation of the world .
In the same way, we can visit the area of Bendinat with lovely to the full expense of pines and overlooking some of the most characteristic and ancient Bay hotels.

“The Bay of Palma is one of the best in the world for sailing. In its waters are held some of the most important races in the world. It has an incredible variety of different places to go sailing”

“The port of Palma de Mallorca has some of the best yacht clubs in the Mediterranean, where you can see the largest luxury yachts and the world

We can not forget that while visit places from land not stand out from the sea in a sailboat, are beautiful places. In the case of Cala Viñas, Punta Portals, Cape Punta Negra, etc. But if there is a favorite haunt of sailors in the bay of Palma, this is undoubtedly Cala Portals Vells. A few miles from the port of Palma, is a magical place and privileged. Situated between steep and vertical walls, we find the mouth of the cove. Passing through the mouth, it appears to us a dream, a paradise. With crystal clear waters and sandy bottoms, it has 2 bays and 3 small beaches of fine white sand lined with pines and nature. It protected from winds, except the East, is a place of incredible anchor to enjoy a good swim, snorkel, and even down to the beach. A memorable place to visit.

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The other side, on the east side of the bay of Palma, sailed to fantastic places like Cala Blava, a privileged area of the Bay of Palma with a beautiful coastline full of nuances, clear waters and white sandy funds. There you can admire the surprisingGreen Cave, which as its name suggests, is a beautiful green and is open to the sea. 

You’ll also meet the Cape area or Cabo Regana Enderrocat ideal places to anchor and swim in the beautiful waters. Without forgetting Cala Veïa seen where it will seem that you are in another world. These and some other places in the East Bay, are only available to those who visit from the sea, because in many cases, is not accessible by road because of the difficulty of doing so because of the rugged terrain to reach them. So you will feel privileged to enjoy it almost exclusively. And you can immerse yourself in the turquoise blue waters for snorkeling. 

“The Bay of Palma, beaches and coves, are visited each year by tourists from around the world that qualify as the European Caribbean”, one of the most desired destinations each year”


Palma de Mallorca (Spain)

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